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By purchasing credits on Buyer Squad, you're helping us build a company everyone loves. As a thank you, we're doubling the amount of credits you purchase. $1 payment = $2 in credits.
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Double your Dollars!
By purchasing credits, your dollars will instantly double. Purchase $100 credits and you'll get $200 in real dollar credits to be applied to future deals, coupons & more.

This is how we've decided to fund our business. These funds get used to recruit more buyers and create more deals on Buyer Squad. As a thank you, we're doubling every dollar you purchase. This opportunity is for a limited time only.

How Credits Work:
Once you agree to purchase a deal, you'll see your credits on checkout and will be able to apply them to your purchase if you choose.

Our credits represent real dollars and can be applied to every type of deal except e-commerce deals. If you apply $10 in credits to a $50 deal, you'll only pay $40.

Credits are not a requirement to buy anything on Buyer Squad. They are meant to reward our early users (you) and help us build our business.

Earn Credits:
You can pre-purchase credits on this page or get rewarded credits for recruiting more buyers to Buyer Squad. To earn credits from invitations, just share your invite page on social networks or email. Once they sign up to become a member and complete their profile you'll both receive $5 in credits.

Recruit Companies & Sponsors:
If someone you invite creates a company on Buyer Squad, we'll give you an additional $50 in credits. We'll do this for any company anywhere. It doesn't matter where they're located. Our companies are very important to offering great deals to our buyers.

Send credits to friends & family:
Once you have your credits, you'll be able to send them to anyone for any reason. Simple click the "Send Credit" link on this page and you'll be able to send them to anyone you choose.