Frequently Asked Questions:
How does it work?
Buyer Squad helps consumers group together to get better deals. (More Buyers = Lower Prices.) When a certain number of buyers claim a deal, the price immediately drops for everyone. At the end of the sale, the retailer will unlock the deal and each buyer will get a checkout link to complete the purchase.

Some deals are instantly available, so you may get the checkout link instantly upon registration.

We aim to create a unique group commerce experience, so we're always experiementing with new ways to get deals and improve commerce.

What are Squads?
The biggest challenge every retailer has is reaching their target customers easily. Squads are our way of grouping these target customers together to get deals and save. You can join as many squads as you want: Moms, Dads, Denver Bronco Fans, San Francisco, etc.

Squads are like a group inbox for deals. Instead of giving money to advertisers, our retailers are giving money to our buyers for allowing instant access.

What kind of products are sold on Buyer Squad?
We allow all types of products on Buyer Squad: e-commerce products, pre-orders, events, digital items/software, local coupons and services. It's up to the seller of the item. We do not allow porn or other sexually explicit deals. Our credit card processor does not allow processing for guns or weapons.

Can I add my business on Buyer Squad?
Yes, you just need to register normally and create a company profile.

Can I create my own Squad?
Yes, we encourage individuals, media organizations, bloggers, companies & retailers to create their own squads. By bringing your friends, followers, readers, co-workers & more together; everyone can get better deals on items everyone wants. (Example: If you have a popular blog following, you can create your own squad and get your readers to join to get deals together. You'll earn commissions on every sale.)

How can I make money with Squads that I create?
Our Squad Leaders earn a commission on every sale that occurs from their squad. We earn between $5 & $15 on a $100 sale and split those commissions with our squad leaders. Depending on the type of product being sold. You can also make money by charging to post deals & sponsor your squad. These prices are set by the squad leader. Click here to learn more about creating your squad.

How do petitions work?
Everyone on Buyer Squad can create petitions to encourage retailers to lower prices or make something happen. There are two types of petitions; Deal Petitions and Group Petitions. Deal petitions are specific deals or discounts that you are requesting from retailers. Group petitions are community efforts to make something happen. Like bring a new restaurant to your neighborhood, etc.

How much does it cost?
Buyer Squad is free for buyers. We make money when you purchase a deal on Buyer Squad and from companies sending deals to their sponsored squads.

Do you sell my information?
No, your information stays within Buyer Squad at all times. All communications from retailers will come via Buyer Squad.

Do you save my credit card information?
No, your credit card information is anonymized and encrypted using Stripe. We can only see the last four digits of your credit card to help you identify which card you'd like to use when making a purchase.

How do credits work?
Our credit system is meant to reward our buyers for helping us build an awesome company. You can be rewarded when you recruit new members and at certain times we will double the credits you purchase. Credits represent real dollars and can be used for any deals except e-commerce.

How do deal rewards work?
We allow our retailers to add rewards to each deal to reward our buyers for sharing and recruiting more buyers. Each deal is set up differently, so the rules for each reward may vary. Our reward system is based on purchases and not registrations. The buyers you recruit to the deal must purchase the deal...not just register for it.

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