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Sponsors keep 100% of their coupon revenue?
Yes, we believe local businesses are the heart of a community. Healthy communities have healthy businesses. By allowing local businesses to earn 100% of their coupon sales, they're able to create better discounts & still be profitable.

Our local coupon rules:
We're establishing a consistant framework for our local coupons in order to create a great experience for everyone. By having this framework, we hope to eliminate issues, surprises & disappointments.

1. 90 Days: All coupons expire in 90 days, no exceptions. We want to eliminate the fine print problems associated with coupons. By doing it this way, everyone knows what to expect and there are no surprises.

2. No Limits or Exclusions: We believe coupons shouldn't have limits & exclusions. Limitations like coupons can't be used on holidays/weekends are not allowed on Buyer Squad. Our buyers demand & deserve full availability for their coupons.

3. Coupon Reporting: We ask that our merchants report every time a coupon gets used. This is key to understanding our users and allows us to payout the entire 100% of commissions earned. If a coupon gets used, we want to make sure you are paid for it. We will be making this as easy as possible.

4. 75% instant payout: Merchants receive 75% of the coupon revenue immediately in your account. We hold 25% to manage any issues such as refunds, cancellations, chargebacks, etc.

5. 90 Day Re-Accounting: At the end of 90 days, we re-asses how many coupons have been used from your coupon reporting. You will receive a payment for anything above the 75% of coupons used. If 100% of your coupons are used we will send an additional 25% payment to you. If 90% of your coupons are used, we will send you a payment for the additional 15%.

6. Local Squads Only: Local coupons can only be sent to local squads.

***Additionally the normal credit card fees of 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction is required.