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Reaching potential customers should be easy & affordable for every business. Once your company is added to Buyer Squad, you'll be able to instantly sponsor & add deals to the AT&T Wireless squad and any squads you want to target.

How it works:
Every company needs to be able to reach customers without breaking the bank. By grouping your customers together and offering them discounts, our goal is to help eliminate the marketing tax on businesses like yours. Here are a few of the key benefits to adding your company on Buyer Squad.
Instantly Add Deals: You'll be able to instantly add your deals to every relevant squad you choose. You can even add deals to multiple squads at the same time. These can be locations, interests/hobbies, professional groups, demographics, companies, media organizations and more.

Instant payouts: Every time someone buys a deal from you, we send the payment to you instantly. The payments will take 2-3 business days to show up in your account due to bank processing.

Group Revenue: Instead of selling one product or service at a time, you can sell many. Our group buying platform allows you to sell as many times as you can handle. Our main promise to buyers is that the more people who buy, the lower the price. In doing so, more revenue goes to you in one sale and the buyers get a better deal. Everyone Wins!

Viral Deals: Our goal is to give you the tools to create viral deals among your target audience. We incentivize our buyers to share a deal in order to get lower prices. This gives you exposure, builds your brand and helps you sell more.

Add Rewards: You'll be able to add rewards to each deal to help it go viral. Give rewards to your buyers who bring more buyers to each deal. Put your buyers to work for you and reward them. Our system tracks referrals and manages your rewards for you.

Sponsor Squads: You'll be able to sponsor your target squads and add your company & logo to the sponsor page. Giving you exposure to the buyers in those squads.

Get Followers: Once you create your profile, you'll have a public page to build your followers and display all your deals available. Anytime you add a new deal, your followers will be notified.

Create Pre-orders: Not sure about a product offering yet? With Buyer Squad your company can create pre-order deals and see if your target market wants what you're making. You'll be able to gauge interest and only make the product if it hits the sales you need to be successful.

Create Drawings: Is demand higher than your supply? Create drawings to sell limited available products to your fans & customers. We'll randomly pick the winners and send a checkout link to them when the deal is ready.

Free Items: Drive customers to your store or website by offering free items to any squad you sponsor.

Sponsor Multiple Squads: We don't limit the number of squads you can sponsor, so you'll be able to sponsor every squad that represents your target markets.