Privacy Policy:

Buyer Squad allows individuals, organizations, companies and retailers to create a group of buyers (squads) in order to help them negotiate collectively for products everyone wants.

We require buyers to register using their email address, Facebook account, Twitter account or Google Account. You can choose to user either one to register & login. Your account is based on your email address.

Your data is stored securely in our database using industry standard security practices. All credit card information added to our system is encrypted and not stored on our servers. Only the last 4 digits of your credit card information is stored for future reference.

We do not sell your data. Period. Ever.

All communications will come from a email address. No information will come from any other email account.

Cookies and what not:
We do not use cookies to track you across the internet. We only log you in on our website to create a safe buying experience and to keep your information secure. Our third party vendors, such as Facebook & Google may use cookies.

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