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A Group Buying Community
Terms of Service:
These are our most important terms of service. In the future, we may develop different ways to manage negative behavior on Buyer Squad.

Payments, Credits Cards & What Not:
We want to provide new ways for our members to make money using their profile. There are many things in the works to make this happen. Our current service provider for these activities is Stripe. They handle all credit card processing, bank verification and payment processing. Your ability to process credit cards and make money is based on the service they provide with their platform. If you break their rules, you may be asked to leave their platform. This does NOT mean your profile on Buyer Squad will be banned. It only means you can no longer use Stripe for your account. If we believe your account is being targeted and de-platformed for inappropriate reasons, we will stand by you and look for new ways to process your transactions.

Indemnification of Buyer Squad:
We will do everything in our power to ensure your safety. However, by using our service, you indemnify Buyer Squad of any harm caused to you. Things such as loss of income, emotional distress, physical harm, etc.