Terms of Service:

Buyer Squad allows individuals, organizations, companies and retailers to create groups of buyers (squads) in order to help them negotiate collectively for products everyone wants.

When you register for a deal or squad you are agreeing to be notified of that specific deal and all deals sent to the squads you join.

We agree to protect all information with industry standard security measures.

For Buyers:
If you choose to purchase a product using Buyer Squad, your credit card information will be encrypted and we will only have access to the last 4 digits of your card information to be used later for future purchases. Buyer Squad is a marketplace and you will be purchasing the item from our retailers, not from Buyer Squad. We are simply the platform to facilitate the group transaction. You understand any issues you have with the product being sold upon arrival, you will work with the retailers for returns, issues, etc.

For Retailers:
If you're a retailer and choose to sell on Buyer Squad, you will be required to add your bank account information so we can send funds to your bank account. These funds will be deposited within 2-3 business days of receipt. Your first transfer can take up to 7 days.

For Squad Leaders:
If you're a Squad Leader, you will be required to add your bank account information in order to be paid your commissions. Your earnings will be paid within 0 to 30 days, depending on the type of sale. Our goal is to make this happen as fast as possible, however our system has some current limits we are attempting to overcome. Stay tuned.

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