Become a Retailer:
Send deals to millions of buyers at once.

How does it work?
Buyer Squad helps retailers create group deals to aggregate demand and sell more products in a single sale. When a certain number of buyers claim a deal, the price immediately drops for everyone. At the end of the sale, Buyer Squad will create a check out page to complete the purchase.

What kind of products can I sell?
You can sell any product on Buyer Squad. From small e-commerce items to digital items to local coupons/deals.

How do I become a Retailer?
Just register normally and you'll be able to upgrade to a retailer account here or from your account settings page. We charge a $99/month or $900/year to be a retailer on Buyer Squad. This helps you keep the vast majority of the sales revenue from your deals.

Can I create a Squad for my company?
Yes, we encourage retailers to create their own squad of buyers for their customers. By bringing your customers together, you'll be able to instantly send them special group discounts at any time. (Example: REI would create an "REI Buyer Squad" to collect their customers in one place & send deals.)

What does it cost?
Buyer Squad charges a 5% to 15% fee on each successful purchase, depending on the type of product being sold. E-commerce products are 5%; national coupons, events & pre-orders are 10%; local coupons, services & digital items are 15%. In addition, there is a 2.9% transaction fee + $.30/transaction for each sale facilitated on our website.

What happens if a deal does not get completed?
If a deal does not reach the initial goal set by a retailer, nothing will happen. The buyers who did sign up will not receive anything until a deal reaches the first initial goal.

When is a deal considered ready?
Once a deal passes the first goal, the deal is considered active and Buyer Squad will update both the retailer and buyers as the deal progresses. If it reaches the total quantity available it will be a closed deal and we will update the retailer to complete the sale and send notifications to the buyers. If the time of the deal has passed, the deal will automatically be closed and no other buyers can join. If the deal has reached the final goal, a retailer can close the deal at that time on their own.

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