Create a Squad:
Earn money bringing people together to save together.

How does it work?
Buyer Squad allows individuals, celebrities, media organizations, companies and retailers to create a group of buyers (squads) in order to help them save money together for products everyone wants. Think of it like your very own subscriber list for group deals.

How do I make money as a Squad Leader?
As the organizer of squad, you'll be able to make money in two ways.
1. Commission: You'll earn 50% of the earned commissions on each sale purchased from your squad.
2. Flat Fee: You can charge a flat fee for retailers to post to your squad and receive 75% of that fee. This is an additional fee to the standard commission. (This is only available to squads with over 1,000 members.)
3. Squad Sponsors: Retailers will be able to sponsor your squad to get exposure for their company profile and show their support for your squad members.
We're also looking at creating new ways to help you make money with your squad. We believe it's important to maximize your opportunity with your squad and will always be open to building new opportunities.

How do I create a Squad?
You simply need to create your account & login. You'll be able to create your squad instantly. No approval required.

What types of squads can I create?
You can create any squad you want for any group of people. It can be a location, interest, alumni group, hobby enthusiasts, professional organization, blog, newspaper, fan group, etc. Think of our squads like groups of people who come together to get great deals on products everyone wants. They can be very niche or global. Feel free to be as creative as you want.

What does it cost?
Creating a squad is free. We make money when a sale occurs from your squad and share that commission revenue with you.

Can I restrict who joins my squad?
Yes, you will be able to limit your squad only to members you approve. You will receive an email with each registration and be required to approve each member manually...which will cause some work on your end to keep up. We'll do our best to reduce the amount of work required to maintain your squad as much as possible.

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